Personal Training

Personal Training with Eric Welsh, BA, CPT

The structural system relies on the balanced and coordinated support of the muscles. Eric Welsh has worked with Dr. Radtke for years at rehabilitating injuries through functional strength training. Rather than isolating a single muscle, or even a single joint, Eric looks at the body as an integrated unit. He observes the motion patterns in each client and designs a training program to address dysfunction as it appears. He uses weights, primal movement, and body weight exercises to engage stabilizing core muscles while challenging movements in the arms and legs. As a former professional Lacrosse player, Eric knows how to train for maximal strength and agility as well as rebuild from the ground up after injury.

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Personalized Training available in the office or your home throughout the Metro area.


One session per week $90/session

Two sessions per week $80/session

Three sessions per week $70/session