About Dr. Radtke

About Dr. Radtke

Dr. Sarah Radtke

Dr. Sarah Radtke, D.C. is a 2008 graduate of the National University of Health Sciences (formerly the National College of Chiropractic). Dr. Sarah grew up studying Chiropractic Medicine and Applied Kinesiology with her father, Dr. Robert Radtke. This technique provides a unique platform to discern the underlying cause of chronic pain syndromes. Dr. Sarah also utilizes diet and nutritional testing alongside visceral manipulation to restore patients to robust health.

About the Practice

Dr. Robert Radtke and Dr. Sarah Radtke

It is with deep sadness that we have mourned the passing of Dr. Robert Radtke in 2010 at age 59 after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer. His life and work are cherished by friends, colleagues and patients. He embodied all that a healer can be. The knowledge, wisdom and love he shared with so many are gifts that continue his great work beyond his time on earth.

Dr. Sarah is honored to continue his tradition of care, individual treatment, and creative thinking in her practice. She feels blessed to have had a father who decided that she should grow up to be a doctor at age 10 and set about training her to think and learn all the skills and tools that he had spent his life developing. She is grateful to the many patients who give her the opportunity to work with them, continuing her father’s work of healing the world, one person at a time.

Robert P. Radtke, D.C. was a 1980 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic. Following graduation, Dr. Radtke practiced for five years as an associate of Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., the founder of Applied Kinesiology. In 1986 he achieved Diplomate status in the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Radtke’s teaching career included state license seminars on the use of kinesiology for solving pain syndromes and other chronic health problems. He delivered an annual lecture to fourth year medical students at Wayne State University. His instruction was part of their rotation on complementary and alternative medicine.

Dr. Radtke also worked with stress reduction techniques such as biofeedback and dream work to mobilize patients healing resources. He had been in private practice in Birmingham, Michigan since 1985.